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I have almost 15 years experience as a media trainer and journalist lecturer. For more info on my work in this field, check out my Clear Europe company site.

In the media training field I specialise in modules such as:

  • Interview techniques and roleplay
  • Understanding journalists
  • Media trends
  • Clear writing methods
  • Writing press releases and position papers
  • Communicating Europe
  • The Brussels press corps

Since 2000 I have carried out media training for the following bodies:

  • The Cabinet of the Government of Slovenia – various ministers before first EU Presidency, Ljubljana
  • The Cabinet of the Government of the Czech Republic – various ministers before first EU Presidency
  • European Parliament – Six media training sessions for all press officers
  • European Commission – DG Trade, DG Research
  • World Health Organisation deputy directors, Geneva
  • UNDP, UNWomen, UNAids
  • The European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions, Dublin – seven training sessions
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Brussels
  • Bahrain Economic Development Council, Manama
  • UPS
  • Qualcomm
  • The European People’s Party, European Parliament
  • The Wales in Europe Centre – Welsh government in Brussels
  • UK Law Society
  • US Embassy, Belgrade
  • Australian Embassy in Brussels
  • Climate Action Network
  • Transport and Environment
  • Interel PR
  • Pinnacle PR
  • Action Aid
  • Interreg – EU agency, Berlin

I was also a course leader and guest speaker for the European Journalism Centre for 12 years. I organised and led over 20 programmes for mid-career journalists and journalist students in Brussels and was a guest speaker on numerous other occasions. I have also helped train journalists in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Maastricht.

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