I edited three editions of Opinion Corner, a prize-winning multimedia flip-book about EU communications issues published by the Brussels-based production company ICF Mostra:

Opinion Corner One

Hard Sell – The media and the European Parliament elections. Why journalists pay little attention to Euro-elections.

Opinion Corner Two

Better Communicating Europe? Why the EU faces an uphill struggle trying to connect with the public – and what it is trying to do about it

Opinion Corner Three

Global Eyes – How the World Views the EU. How the EU is viewed globally – by experts and the general public. We did vox-pops in USA, Mexico, Egypt, China and Burkina Faso and interviewed experts in Brussels, Washington DC, London, Ankara and Moscow. Opinion Corner 3 won an Erasmus EuroMedia Award in 2010 for its aesthetics and design. “OPINION CORNER is an excellent multimedia product which is very well conceived, and presenting a user-friendly design,” said the judges.


I have made over a dozen video news releases  Рmini corporate documentaries Рfor Wild Heart Productions, ICF Mostra and MediaConsulta on behalf of the European Commission and European Parliament. Filming has taken me to Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Eritrea, Ukraine, Canada, Bosnia, Finland, Denmark, France, UK, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Netherlands.

Here are some of my films:

Ending Child Poverty in Europe

Here I looked into the scandal of child poverty in the EU – which afflicts one in five youngsters. We shot in Wales and Lithuania, where we witnessed scenes of abject poverty.

Living with Climate Change

Climate change is happening and its effects will be with us for decades. On location in Switzerland we filmed melting glaciers and ski operators worried for their future. And we spoke to farmers and tourism operators in southern Spain about the effects of soaring temperatures on their livelihoods.

Protecting Endangered Species

We travelled to the Zambezi natural park in Zambia to look at efforts to protect endangered species, such as elephants and the Nile crocodile.

Controlling Chemicals

To publicise a new EU law on chemicals policy we travelled to the site of a tragic accident in Spain, where several workers were killed due to the lack of regulations on hazardous products.

Going Beyond GDP

In this VNR we looked into efforts to measure wealth and well-being in a more sophisticated way than raw GDP statistics. We filmed in Canada, where cod stocks were depleted and ice storms caused havoc but GDP went up.




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