And you thought the EU was bureaucratic?

Just when you thought no institution could be more bureaucratic than the European Union, along comes the United Nations to give the EU a lesson in writing jargon-filled mumbo-jumbo.

In a job advert for an undetermined number of editor positions at the UN’s New York headquarters, the organisation’s careers service helpfully informs candidates:

This position is located in the Editorial Control Section (ECS) of the Editorial, Terminology and Reference Service (ETRS) of the Documentation Division of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management. The incumbent is under the general supervision of the Chief of ETRS and the immediate supervision of the Chief of ECS.

Maybe the UN careers service could do with a few editors of its own. Their first task? Writing job adverts that are clear, succinct, devoid of meaningless HR jargon and are meant to attract quality candidates who believe in the UN cause rather than faceless bureaucrats who fret about what section of what service they will be assigned to.

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